This be Steph. I am also known as Aolani, sometimes with an extra ‘n’. I am a gamer, an artist, an avid roleplayer and storyteller. I also have blue hair. It was a little difficult at first, because it kept coming off on everything. It was like the Midas touch, only there was nothing of worth in the result of being touched. I mean, if you turn someone or something into solid gold, that shit can make you rich. You could at least sell it on Ebay. No one wants stuff that is just stained blue, though… dabadi dabadai.

I was going somewhere with this.

Oh yeah, one day I am going to work for Weta. or Bioware. Or Bioware and Weta.


Currently Reading: Stormrider by David Gemell

Currently Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Transistor, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


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